LightPort Physical Therapy is now proud to offer personalized customer service in Caldwell. We believe physical therapy works best when each individual receives one on one customized care. Our number one goal is to help our customers reach their highest potential and we know excellent therapeutic manual therapy is the way to go.

• Our facility offers several options to improve Health and Wellness with the following physical therapy services:

Sports Massage

Sports massage improves all-around fitness by reducing the side affects of sports and high intensity activities on the body.

This type of massage when done within 3 hours after your work out, increases the body's physical performance capability by shortening the duration of recovery needed.  

Sports massage is beneficial when addressing chronic muscle injuries.   Specific trouble muscle areas where toxins such as lactic acid accumulate, including sprains and strains. Two well known techniques called trigger point release and tissue pressure is applied to heal specific muscles areas.

Deep tissue massage contributes to healing and wellness in active individuals and elite level sports athletes 
This results in improved range of motion, strength, balanced muscles and their ideal muscle length.

Therapeutic Massage

This hands-on more gentle therapy treatment  also called myofacial release.  

It is delivered in a safe, effective fashion to eliminate pain and restrictions in connected tissues after an acute onset of injury or under specific orthopedic conditions. 

The objective of this treatment is to improve range of motion and decrease swelling in muscles and joints.

Other modalities such as cryotherapy, deep thermal or moist heat can be used with therapeutic massage.

Therapeutic Rehabilitation Exercises

We encourage everyone who begins exercising for the first time or those who are experts in strength training to be all about stretching and understand the benefits of flexibility. We know you work hard and your time is valuable.

Sometimes you just have to run from your fitness center to work as work home and so on.

That is  why we want to offer you a service that will increase your fitness level and muscle performance. You know flexibility is an essential part of your fitness so let us take care of you so you can have more time to take care of your busy schedule.

Exercise is Medicine

Scientific research in the last century has discovered that we are living longer and that the longer we live, the more age related factors and risks we have to face. This includes cardio vascular issues that can be prevented and managed with a monitored supervised health program as recommended by your medical doctor. LightPort physical therapy will guide you on how to start your exercise program and educate you how you can help manage chronic illness. Some of these chronic conditions include diabetes and osteoarthritis. Physical exercise is a crucial part in prevention and treatment of chronic conditions. After all exercise is medicine! 

Ask your Doctor if you can benefit from a supervised wellness program to keep you strong and healthy.

The following are examples of the conditions that we can treat with physical therapy interventions:

  • • Muscle strains including slip and fall injuries 
  • • Shoulder rotator cuff related injuries
  • • Neck pain
  • • Mid back pain 
  • • Back pain including sciatica
  • • Elbow pain including tennis and golfers elbow 
  • • Wrist pain including carpal tunnel syndrome 
  • • Knee pain including meniscal tear related pain 
  • • Ankle Sprains

Important news about Physical Therapy

Important news about Physical Therapy Services and your rights to access to health care services in New Jersey

Direct Access to Physical Therapy Law

Physical therapists are extensively-qualified professionals with excellent formal education and intensive clinical training in order to evaluate patients with physical therapy needs and whereappropriate, safely and effectively treat patients without a medical referral.
Prior to beginning any physical therapy, the Therapists recognize when it is appropriate to refer the patient to other heath care professionals for a medical consultation .

(Please see New Jersey Law On Direct Access to Physical Therapists at Patient Intake Forms)
Call us to make an appointment and schedule an initial evaluation of your physical therapy condition.

We will give you specific information about your physical therapy condition on your first visit and schedule follow up visits to implement a treatment plan to meet your physical therapy goals.

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